is dedicated to providing comprehensive information about Shilajit in its many forms and sharing what we feel to be the best formulations that can be found on the internet. The formulas we recommend have escaped the mass commercialization of other Shilajit’s touted by big health. They continue to be harvested from a verified source, in the traditional manner, and painstakingly purified by masters of the art of both Tibetan and Ayurvedic medicines.

Our current recommended products are sourced in Manali, India where the Shilajit is purified and prepared, and Ladhak (about two days NE of Manali) near the border between India and Tibet where it is harvested.

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The Shilajit has been verified via paid laboratory testing to contain no organic contaminants whatsoever, and to be safe per the FDA’s requirements for contaminants and heavy metals such as mercury, lead, and cadmium.

As is mentioned in our articles, we’ve sampled dozens of different forms of Shilajit; be it powder, tonic, pellet, paste, capsule, or pill, and found only a few that live up to the hype. If we find additional sources of Shilajit that we feel live up the expectations you can be sure we’ll add them on the site.