We’ve sampled dozens of different forms of Shilajit; be it powder, tonic, pellet, paste, capsule, or pill, from all over Asia; in India, Pakistan, Tibet and even Bhutan. We’ve also sampled several Mumio products from places like the Czech Republic, Kyrgyzstan, and the Caucuses Mountains. The products we recommend are without a doubt the most complete and potent formulas we’ve tried.

The Shilajit recommended here is sourced from both India and Nepal. Of the 30 or so Shilajit’s that we’ve tried the three below are the only ones which produced the effects detailed in the Ayurvedic literature as a tonic and rejuvenating Rasayana. They have been tested for contaminants and found to be safe for consumption.

Considerations: You may want to consult a doctor about Shilajit / black asphaltum / mineral pitch if you have gout, are hypoglycemic or pregnant. If you are worried read our article: Is Shilajit Safe? Does Shilajit have side effects?

Recommended Shilajit


Premium Shilajit


Our new #1 most recommended is harvested in the Himalayan mountains in both India and Nepal. This is easily the best shilajit we have sampled thus far: it ranks highest for potency, effectiveness, and sourcing. Regular testing and quality control ensures there are no dips in performance or benefit. The seller’s three main tenants are also respectable as they strive to support local harvesters and ensure that heavy machinery stays out of the beautiful mountainscapes of the Himalayas.


Shilajit Super Tonic


Shilajit Super Tonic combines the incredible energizing and adaptogenic qualities of the finest available Himalayan Shilajit with a potent array of herbal essences in a single, multi purpose tonic. According to a millennium of Ayurvedic research in India and Tibet, Shilajit promotes mental and physical energy, regulates blood sugar levels, stimulates the immune system and speeds recovery from sickness and exercise. Tibetan medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine are one in their appreciation of these herbs.


Pure Ladakhi Shilajit


Our third most recommended is again harvested in Ladakh at elevations of over 3000 meters by a family of alchemists and practitioners with a history of more than 12 generations, the raw material is processed through an elaborate series of Ayurvedic stages to produce the pure elixir found here. This Shilajit comes in a semi solid form that should be combined with milk or warm water.


Peak Shilajit


Our fourth most recommended is the only high quality form of encapsulated Shilajit we’ve found online. This is because it contains no fillers whatsoever. No rice flour, vegetable powder, or other junk. Their product is sourced in Nepal and is combined with Ashwagandha which is a powerful adaptogenic herb. The combination is very powerful and seems to significantly increase the benefits of the shilajit.