Mineral Pitch – Uses, Benefits & Where to Buy

What is mineral pitch?

Mineral pitch is a substance that was identified thousands of years ago as a powerful life giving elixir. It is also called Shilajit, Shilajeet, or Black Asphaltum. Healthy, and virulent animals were often observed licking a black resinous exudate from high mountain rocks and boulders throughout central asian ranges. Word of mineral pitch travelled and the compound and its benefits have been studied for millennia by the likes of Aristotle, Alexander the Great, Avicenna, and Michael Servetus. As a natural remedy and extremely nutritive substance, mineral pitch is receiving increased attention from researchers across the globe, the western health food complex, and individuals looking to enhance their diets with powerful supplements.

Is it for real?

Like many substances that come from the east, and then enter the consciousness of modern day western society, mineral pitch is often attributed with mystical, magical, and legendary healing properties. Health food “band-wagoners” have quickly jumped on board with the rising awareness of this natural remedy and are shouting for anyone who wants to experience amazing health benefits, reversed aging, superhuman strength, and the sexual health of the Greek god Adonis, to immediately buy their product. Like most revolutionary “super foods” you’d expect interest in this compound to have spiked, and then sharply fallen off as it exited fad status. This is not so with mineral pitch, and the reason is, surprisingly, that many of the claims are at least in part, substantiated. The benefits have been corroborated by thousands of years of use, and more recently, confirmed in laboratory settings by researchers from several different countries. So what uses have been supported by research?

Anti-inflammation for arthritis and rheumatism

Alzheimer’s prevention
Cognitive and Memory Enhancer
High Altitude Problems/hypoxia, sickness, lethargy, depression
Influenza /Common Cold

Mental and physical rejuvenation or anti aging benefits
Nootropic/Smart Drug /Cognitive and Memory Enhancer
Pain Relief and Injury Repair
Stress and Anxiety reduction
Ulcer Repair

Traditional medicine, especially Ayurvedic (Indian Medicine), proclaims dozens of other positive health benefits, with male sexual health and virility being a common focus. It is said to increase sexual drive, stamina, reduce impotence, and improve overall health. Whether by placebo or not, these benefits are widely confirmed by users.

Should you try it/Is it safe?

So, should you look into taking a mineral pitch supplement? Can you expect to see some benefits? The answer is yes; but do so carefully. Genuine mineral pitch is not cheap; the substance is scraped from the stones at altitudes well above 5000 feet in remote parts of the Himalayan and Caucus Mountains. It is not easy to find, it is not ubiquitous. The supply is “self renewing” as new mineral pitch seeps from the stones during the summer months every year, but, due to the popularity of mineral pitch in its many forms, it is becoming harder to find access to quality supplies as genuine sources are staunchly guarded secrets.

If you find mineral pitch advertised at prices less than $2/gram or less than $5/oz you can count on there being VERY little actual mineral pitch in the product you are buying. Products sold at this price always contain other ingredients (especially when purchased in capsules or powders) like vegetable cellulose, and silica. If you’re buying it in a powdered form, again be suspicious. Powdered mineral pitch likely has ozokerite, or just powdered rock in it. Properly purified and “processed” mineral pitch should be a semisolid, tar-like substance.

Herbal blends and tonics that contain mineral pitch can often be a good idea, as long as there is substantial amount of the actual mineral pitch in it. This is because mineral pitch has substances in it that greatly increase the bioavailability of other herbal compounds creating a synergistic effect between the mineral pitch and other traditional herbs or medicinal substances. Genuine mineral pitch is considered very safe, there are virtually no counter indications or side effects… again, stress genuine here. Low quality, unpurified, or counterfeit mineral pitch can contain toxic heavy metals like mercury and arsenic, so tread carefully.

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