Shilajit: Ordering in the UK, Canada, and Australia

Are you in the UK, Australia, or Canada and looking for a reputable supplier of Shilajit? Our supplier ships most orders, anywhere in the world, for $11.95 usd.

If you’re trying to locate a quality and safe source of Shilajit it can be a daunting task in India … the major source of Shilajit … step out of that country into places like the UK, Canada, or Australia and it’s a whole different game. Sure, you can jump on the internet and find hundreds of Shilajit products at your fingertips… but separating fact from fiction is not so easy. We’ve done the work for you. If you’re interested in answering the general question: Is Shilajit safe? Read this Article

In 2005 a major press release by Health Canada warned consumers that many Ayurvedic medicinal products on the market were at risk of heavy metal contamination. Just one year before, they reported a product found to contain 40 times the maximum allowed content of arsenic! The World Health Organization, the UK’s MHRA, US health authorities, and Australia’s NSW government, picked up on the release and further verified and reported it. So you’d think this just meant many small time distributors were using less than quality product right? Wrong, even major distributors of Shilajit, like Dabur India, were found to contain high levels of lead, mercury, and arsenic! These are international distributors sending out dangerous product, and these countries aren’t the only places receiving impure product, everyone is.

Fake Shilajit:

Okay, so heavy metal contamination is definitely worrisome. But this problem is made worse by the fact the much of the Shilajit in circulation is completely fake. So, some “genuine” Shilajit is contaminated with toxic heavy metals, and still more is basically counterfeit.

What is the fake stuff made out of? Sellers of Shilajit have come up with a surprising number of solutions to producing convincing copies of the real stuff. Some counterfeiters use Nagpur potatoes, burning the vegetable until it is black and lumpy. Ozokerite is commonly mixed in with Shilajit because it is a similar humic substance without any of the medicinal properties. Others gather langur monkey poop, boil it, and then add arrowroot, resins, and coloring. Yes, you heard right, feces.

So why are people buying this stuff!? Wouldn’t they catch on after they felt nothing? Not quite. To create some pharmacological effects, people making fake Shilajit will add things like opium, Viagra, or other drugs that can be serious health risks.

How is unsafe material entering your country?

Quality control and product screening is extremely lax even in the most developed countries. Government bodies simply don’t have the resources to test and verify the safety of the vast quantities of material that is being imported. Screening is done randomly. The burden of verifying quality, largely rests on the sellers, but if people are buying untested product without question, the motivation to lab test is nonexistent.

Shilajit is in high demand throughout the world, and “Western” countries like Australia, the UK, Canada, and the US are slowly awakening to the vast potential of the time tested formulations of Eastern medicine. The supply is just not sustainable at current levels of demand. Shilajit can take up to several years to regenerate after being harvested from high mountain rocks. This means Shilajit harvesters must hike and travel to increasingly remote areas to locate new sources. The supply of Shilajit we are currently recommending is limited, but we’ll keep it on the site as long as it is available.

Take a look at our recommended products, all of which have been tested and confirmed to be free of organic contaminants, and to be safe in regards to heavy metals.

Orders delivered to the UK, Australia, and Canada:

Our supplier has sent product to the following provinces in Canada so far: Saskatchewan, Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, and Alberta. So if you live in Canada shipping and fulfillment is not a problem.

They’ve shipped to the following states in Australia: Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia, and the Australian Capital Territory.

If you’re in the UK, customers have purchased from the following: Somerset, Kilmacolm, Swansea, Avon, London, West Dunbartonshire, Middlesex, Axminster Devon, Lancaster, Lecestershire, Kent, Tyne and Wear, Surrey, Nottingham, Newton Abbot, Hull, West Yorkshire, Oxfordshire, Dublin, Ranelagh, and Leinster.

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