Stop Taking Shilajit Capsules!

Shilajit capsules are probably the most common way to take shilajit. Its so common that you probably can’t even count up all the different brands that offer shilajit in capsules, there are just way too many. But if you really want to benefit from shilajit, capsules are the absolute last thing you want to take. Here’s why:

You know that shilajit is a rare and highly valued naturally occurring substance. You may or may not know that it is found only on steep cliffs of extremely high elevation. Its very hard to get to. Yet somehow there are hundreds of different companies offering pure shilajit capsules? There is something more going on here – because if that were true, all the shilajit that exists on the planet today would be packaged and purchased within the year. There is just not that much shilajit, and it can’t be manually grown, manufactured, or produced anywhere else.

As it turns out, shilajit in capsules is the easiest form of shilajit to counterfeit (next to powder, but that is a different story). The reason for this is that the capsules are packed with all kinds of filler materials, which means that the manufacturer only has to fill them with just a small fraction of actual shilajit.

This small fraction of shilajit inside the capsule varies in volume, but is roughly equal to the size of this letter D . The recommended dosage for pure shilajit is a little more than a pea-sized amount, like the size of pencil eraser. That means the capsules only contain approximately 1/6 to 1/4 of a reasonable dose of shilajit. These capsules just don’t have enough shilajit in them to produce the desired benefits like stronger immune system, increased energy and mental focus, better absorption of nutrients, and so on. See shilajit benefits.

If that isn’t reason enough not to buy shilajit in capsules, you have to realize that the shilajit supplement industry is NOT regulated by the FDA, which means that many of these capsule brands do not have any shilajit in them at all. These companies package their shilajit outside of the USA and import them in, and they are not required to be tested.

Because the shilajit industry is so populated with counterfeit sellers, I would only trust it if I could see it, smell it, and taste it. And when its inside of a capsule, its difficult to do any of these things. Otherwise, I would bet that it wasn’t true shilajit.

What Form of Shilajit to Take?

I recommend the solid. Yes, its not quite as convenient as the capsule – but if you try it out just once you’ll never look back. You can feel the difference immediately. Any benefit you thought you felt from shilajit capsules was most likely placebo, and after a day or two of taking this pure form of shilajit, you will feel the benefit.

The resin from is also highly recommended. I generally stay away from the resin because its like a gel-substance, and I don’t like the flavor. With the solid, I can break off a small pea-sized chunk, and easily swallow it as I would a pill or a capsule. But with the resin I haven’t found a way to consume it without tasting it! But it works just as well as the solid.

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